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Arnie States Show

The Arnie States Show

What’s Arnie States Doing Now in 2023 – Recent Updates

     Arnie States, a well-known name in the radio industry, particularly for his contribution to “The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show,” has been a subject of curiosity among many of his fans and listeners. So exactly what happened to Arnie States?

     Arnie States had been part of this show for nearly two decades, providing listeners with his unique perspective on various topics and engaging in lively debates with the other hosts. His wit, humor, and distinctive voice made him a beloved figure on the show and a favorite among many listeners.

     However, Arnie States suddenly disappeared from the radio show in 2016. This abrupt departure left many fans puzzled and wondering about his whereabouts. If anything, it was alarming for his regular listeners who were used to tuning into his banter every morning.

     After moving on, he eventually launched his own podcast show called “The Arnie States Show,” where he continues to entertain his fans with his unique humor and perspective. As of 2023, the show is still ongoing with live weekdays.

     While Arnie’s departure from “The Rob, Anybody, and Dawn Show” was unexpected and surprising for many, it’s clear that he hasn’t left the world of radio entirely.

     Rather, he has chosen to make use of his talents on a different platform- one where he can have more control over the content that he delivers. Ultimately, the decision seems to have paid off as “The Arnie States Show” has been well received by his fans who continue to support him in this new venture.

     In conclusion, while Arnie States may no longer be a part radio, but he is still very much active in the world of broadcasting. His absence from the show was merely a stepping stone towards bigger things for him. His fans can still tune into his podcast and enjoy the unique humor and perspective that made him popular in the first place.



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